Saturday, July 11, 2009

Galveston Texas Feb 27 1883 Love Lorn Girl

February 27, 1883
Evening Light
San Antonio Texas
A Love Lorn Boston Girl

Miss Bertha Stevens , the daughter of a wealthy banker and broker of Boston had been ill 18 days when her father at midnight sent for the Reverend M J Savage. The clergyman thought he was needed to administer spiritual consolation, but on entering the banker's luxurious home, he was informed that he was wanted to preform a marriage for the supposititiously dying young girl and Theodore Aide, a poor clerk who stood by her pillow. The minister did as requested. Since then Mr. Aide has lived in the home of his father in law and the bride has been rapidly recovering. Her disease was alleged to be menegitius but a suspicion is entertained that it really was a hopeless love for a suitor not favored by her father.

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